PICLU is currently conducting a number of interrelated research projects as part of Phase 3.

PiiA-bio is a three-year project including three stages studying fed-batch steering, steering of cleansing steps, and automation of connected steps. PiiA-bio is financed by VINNOVA and industry partners are Novozymes, Novo Nordisk and Pfizer Health.

ProOpt is a three-year project studying optimization of complex processes, optimization of dynamic processes, and development of optimization tools. The project is financed by VINNOVA and industry partners are Perstorp AB, Novo Nordisk and Modelon.

PiiA-Metrics is a two-year strategic PiiA project mapping key numbers within the process industry and giving implementation advice on their interchangability in software applications.

- Automatic tuning is a project where second generation automatic tuning procedures for PID controllers are developed. A pre-project was financed by PiiA/Vinnova.

Smart Mini Factories is a two-year PiiA project, part of the Smart Industry strategy by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. The project aims to show how industrial digitalization can enable advanced small-scale production of pharmaceuticals. The project is financed by VINNOVA and industry partners are Sobi, Novo Nordisk and Modelon.

Integrated DSP is a three-year Biologics project at Vinnova. The work is focused on a new production paradigm in biopharmaceutical industry, where the purification steps are highly connected and integrated, some times intensified, to form efficient continuous production of pharmaceuticals. The  industry partners are Sobi, Novo Nordisk and Modelon.

PiiA pre-projects and PiiA pre-studies are shorter PiiA projects, less than a year in length, and used to start up research within new work areas. It is financed by VINNOVA. PICLU has performed a number of these shorter projects.

For information about previous research projects conducted during Phase 1 and 2 (2008 – 2014), please see Scientific Results.