Competence development program

PIC-LU organize a set of activities for competence development for industrial and academic personell. The activities are composed of four major parts:

  • Industrial Courses
  • PhD courses
  • Master theses
  • Seminars and Related Conferences


Industrial courses:
The industrial courses are organized for persons active in the process industry. They are given twice per year and referred to as Spring school and Autumn school. At each occasion a set of courses, 2-4, are organized and given in parallell, common lunch and coffee breaks are provided. Each course is two to four days long. The industrial courses currently in the portfolio are listed here.

PhD courses:
The PhD courses are organized for PhD students and industry experts. They are given a few times per year. The courses are open for PICLU's PhD-students as well as for industrial experts in the field. The PhD courses currently in the portfolio are listed here.

Master Theses:
The master theses are organized together with industry and coordinated with the research program

Seminars and Related Conferences:
Seminars and related conferences are organized on topics important to the process industry